Male psychology in dating

What evolutionary psychology explains is possibly more about attraction than about love. Although in many instances, attraction may very well be the spark that first ignites the possibility for a deeper emotion to develop later down the road, the fact stands that mere attraction is not the same as love. And as many people would concur, attraction is definitely not the sole deciding factor in selecting the person to marry and have children with.

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Additionally, what evolutionary psychology can explain when it comes to dating behavior and mate selection should not be used as basis to excuse behaviors such as infidelity in a relationship. When it comes down to it, as humans, the true forces that move us to love the people we love and marry the people we marry are more than just instincts ingrained by the evolutionary process or inspired by any biological need. The nature of deep, moving love—the kind that marks and defines a lifetime—is most probably metaphysical and transcendental, maybe even divine.

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A crucial difference between men and women

Instead of polarity, couples had too much similarity. The lines were blurred and the relationships suffered. Sexual attraction can only occur in the space between two people, and that space had narrowed significantly. As I mentioned earlier, every being has a masculine and feminine energy.

The Psychology Of A Guy Falling In Love With You | American Dating Society

The way that the male brain works we do much better focusing on one specific task than bouncing around between ideas. When we are absorbed in a task, we are like a freight train that has built up momentum. Everything else seems to fall away. If someone tries to distract us from our single task or line of thought, it often takes some energy for them to break our focus. This is also why it feels more frustrating when they succeed in distracting us.

The majority of energy used to get a freight train moving in one direction is used up in the initial process of getting the train up to speed. Feminine energy is a disco ball, masculine energy is a laser beam. Each have their own strengths and are both equally valid. The way in which men focus would also explain why, likely at some point in your life, you have focused on a certain element of your life so intensely that other areas suffered.

Maybe it was becoming fit, or starting a business, or dating a new woman. The singular focus on the one element made the other pieces fall away from your focus and so they suffered. Ironically, often the one element that you are focusing on also suffers. Imagine that you were the sun, and instead of trying to grow an entire forest with your light, you focused all of your energy on one plant. The neglect of the forest would make for chaos, and the intensity of the focus would make the plant burst into flames. Have you ever focused so much energy on getting a phone number or a new girlfriend, that it ended up scaring the woman away?

Male brains are wired to seek out challenge. The front line of our mental army is always on the look out for potential threats or challenges. This is the exact counterpoint to our front line that is looking for threats to independence and freedom.

5 Tips To Hack The Male Brain: Understanding Men

The feminine wants love and connection, and the masculine wants freedom and independence. We need alone time.

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The feminine wants closeness, the masculine wants autonomy. However, there has been extensive research done that proves otherwise.

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Using your mind correctly can certainly influence someone to fall in love with you. What you need to understand is that love is just another emotion with psychological implications. It is indeed possible to gain some degree of influence over love just as we can over fear, jealousy, anger and so forth.

Just as all of these emotions can be controlled, so too with love, to a certain extent anyway. It may seem daunting, but it is on par with controlling all the emotions mentioned above. We are typically taught that love is completely out of our control and is simply a matter of fate. We now know that reality tells a different story. If you learn the psychology of making a guy fall in love with you , your love story can be created.

So why not give it a try?

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Before learning how to make someone fall in love with you, you need to examine the psychology of love. Making a guy fall in love with you is not done through magic potions or chanting sessions under the moon. You may not realize it, but you, along with everyone else, has a hidden checklist in your mind. You have a set of criteria that a love interest must have before you can fall in love with them.

If a person fails to meet any points on your list, you immediately, though likely unconsciously, disqualify them from your list of potential loves. In such an instance, you will probably just remain friends with that person. Each person has a unique checklist.

Understanding Male Psychology Will Help Get Him Back And Fall In Love With You

The checklist is based on your values, your beliefs, your past experiences, your background and your previous relationships. The mind calculates our love map for us.

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It is a subconscious act, just like when our brain sends a message for our heart to beat. Since our love map is created subconsciously, we may not understand exactly why we fall in love with the person we do. As a result, we view love as a mystery and often attribute it to destiny. However, this is not the case. It is all related to the way our subconscious minds work. A love connection will only happen when your checklist is met or when a potential partner sees that you meet their criteria.

As a result, your subconscious will keep you in love with that person. It will help you to understand them and will keep you two in love and on a solid foundation in your relationship. Since your subconscious grabs onto that person specifically, you often find it challenging to let go of that love even years later. Below are a series of methods, tried and tested, that can make a guy fall in love with you.

Learning what makes a guy fall in love will really improve your chances of catching the guy you have set your sights on. Everyone has the list of criteria, a. The love map in our heads. The list has our basic expectations for the person we meet as a love interest. Some examples of those criteria might be: Research his interests and general background.