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Of course, more and more B2B event participants expect a measurable return on investment for their attendance — this applies to exhibitors as well as sponsors and visitors. In this context, the focus lies on the kinds of new contacts an event participator manages to acquire. However, it is often the case that event organisers only start thinking about matchmaking, particularly software-supported matchmaking, at the very end of the planning process.

At this point, they attempt to put the cart before the horse — which often fails. Converve has been providing business networking solutions for 18 years. We asked our project managers, software developers, and communication experts what they consider to be the most important success criteria for matchmaking work, and the answers they gave are presented in the list below. Make it as easy as possible for participants to register. Lengthy registration forms will scare people off. Not only are B2B event visitors deciding to participate at increasingly later times, they are also starting to prepare for their visit closer and closer to the date of the event.

Based on our experience, we recommend activating software-based matchmaking weeks before the event. By then, participants must also have optimised their profiles for matchmaking, e.


Start a countdown e. Understand the decision-making and power structures on the market and arrange matchmaking accordingly. Which group of participants should be able to view which other group of participants and be able to request meetings? Should visitors be able to arrange meetings with one another via the platform?

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Should exhibitors be able to actively contact visitors to arrange a meeting, or should only the reverse apply? These conceptual questions depend on the respective market and must be taken into consideration when planning B2B matchmaking.

Discount-, VIP- and early-bird schemes can boost registrations many weeks prior to the event. Matchmaking will only work once a relevant number of active participants use the platform in due time before the event. Participants must be able to consciously decide to participate in matchmaking.

This ensures a high quality of participants and prevents misuse or spam. For example, with the Converve platform, you can set up rights management in a granular way, e. The Converve platform allows you to address such groups of people in a targeted way.

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We recommend the targeted use of telephone marketing campaigns, in order to inform exhibitors or VIP visitor target groups about the matchmaking service and to conduct a quick phone tutorial. This also allows you to find out whether the stored contacts e. Based on certain criteria e. Reaching out to participants in a targeted way — ideally with a personal touch — promises more success than a scattergun approach. A straightforward registration process is crucial for the customer experience.

Collect the information required for matchmaking at a later point or have it generated via a social login.

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Large trade fairs in particular often experience the phenomenon of a multitude of platforms and providers being involved in the process. One platform to register participation, another for CRM, and a further platform for the event website, plus one for email marketing, the event app, reporting… This increases the level of complexity and makes the exchange of data between systems more difficult.

In relation to this, we should also mention the password issue. Make things as easy as possible for your participants and avoid the requirement of several different passwords for your services. In an ideal case, the registration process for the event ticketing should be directly connected to the matchmaking service.

Diablo 3 matchmaking tags explained

This will make it easier for participants to register. In all your communication with the participants, consider how you can offer the best experience for your customers. What information do the participants really need? What can you leave out? The Converve platform also allows you to communicate with your participants.

This makes participation much easier. Here is an example of informative and emotional video communication:.

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The first German trade fair organisation recently established the role of Matchmaking Manager Reed Exhibitions Deutschland. Matchmaking Services professionalize the exchange between exhibitors and trade fair visitors. Why should an exhibitor take part? How can you as an event organizer best motivate your exhibitors to do so? Matchmaking of event participants is becoming more and more important to trade fairs and congresses, as no organizer wants to leave networking success purely up to chance. Hosted buyer programs can help — but they are not easy to devise and implement.

What pitfalls should be avoided? So what is this networking event about exactly? Industry events for event managers focus on one mega-trend: Are technical tools such as Glisser, Slido or VoxR the solution? What makes it such a spectacular event?